Akashic Records Readings which I have received from others.

Akashic Records Reading

In this record you were female. There was a marriage during the French Revolution, where you were in an arranged marriage and your heart belonged to a nice young man you grew up with. You just always thought you would marry him instead of having an arranged marriage with someone you didn't know. The neighbor boy's family was not wealthy enough, so you did not get to marry him. You always had that true love for him. Your family married you off to another wealthy family. Well, the guy you married was a drunk, jerk and not too bright. He managed to say things publically, about the revolutionaries that got him shot and then they came and burned down his house with all of his family and you in it.


Akashic Records Reading

I have an image of you in Russia, as a man in your 20s. You've got a military-style uniform on in a neutral color (likely brown or green), with boots on, a matching hat (slightly pointed upwards in the middle, not like a beret), and you have a short haircut. You are standing around the steps of a townhouse smoking, with other men in uniform. An alarm goes off. You quickly stomp the cigarette out on the ground, grab something (a rifle mot likely), and you all run in the same direction towards a watch tower connected to fences that are meant to keep people in or out of a compound.

You arrive at your "station" (for lack of a better term) to find several people were killed and you three are searching around for the person who did it. The sense I get is that you expect it to be a person that is "crazy" (mentally ill is the proper term; you would've called the person "crazy" in that lifetime), but don't know who it could be. You were evidently guarding many persons, some of which had mental health issues and potential sociopathy.

You survive the incident and arrive home safely to greet your wife and young children. (The feeling of love I feel in this scene when you get home to your family is so amazing and deep.) 

Lessons / Purpose: The purpose of this lifetime was, in part, to work through some karmic debt. You had previously taken on a past life in which you chose to be born with a lack of remorse or conscience (for many reasons, not just your own lessons but the lessons of others as well, this was pre-determined). In that lifetime you had killed some people. By taking on the guard lifetime, guarding high-risk persons, from a place of love and understanding, this duty makes up for previous lifetime events. The love I am sensing from you in this (current) lifetime and in the guard lifetime, is very deep.