Distant Energy Healings which I have received from others.

Distant Reiki Healing 

Below is a summary of the ceremony:

1. I felt called at the beginning of the ceremony to pull Tarot cards for you to represent you. Currently, I only pull a card after sending Reiki, but felt called to do so both before and after Reiki for you. Two cards jumped out: The Moon and King of Cups. The Moon has to do with psychic abilities, shadows, and harnessing our spiritual powers. The Moon calls us to recognize the light and the shadow and proceed in our psychic abilities with intention. The King of Cups represents security, stability, and riches, particularly emotionally. It can also represent a positive masculine influence.

2. I sent Reiki to all of your chakras. The area around your head has a lot of purple and pink light. I was called to send Reiki to your ears and got the message that you are being sent messages from spirit through your ears. You already know this, but either aren't fully acknowledging it or have only been recognizing it subconsciously. So you may currently or in the near future be hearing certain sounds or voices, and you are being called to pay attention to the messages sent to you through your hearing.

3. You energy was very light and playful, and I was called to encourage your heart energy to expand. You have a lot of heart light, so don't be afraid to let it shine.

4. At the solar plexus, I saw the image of a well and the impression that you are being called to go deeper, to balance your lightness with depth.

5. I was called to send a little Reiki to your feet with the impression that you need some grounding at this time. It fit with the image of the depth of the well. I encourage you to ground yourself, including by literally placing your bare feet on the ground.

6. As I was finishing the Reiki, I asked if there was a message for you. "Don't leave the water." was what I received. At first, it made no sense to me and figured it would have some meaning for you, but as I opened my eyes, it made perfect sense: Don't leave the water in the well. You have untapped depths in your well, and spirit is encouraging you to tap those deep waters.

7. The card I drew for you after sending Reiki is Death. Actually, I did not draw it: it immediately popped right out. Please do not be concerned. Many people are nervous when they see the Death card. This is actually a wonderful card. It signifies transformation, the cutting away of the old, that which is no longer useful, and that which no longer serves you. You are currently experiencing transformation, are about to undergo a transformation, or are being called to transform, and we are all always experiencing small and large changes and transformations in our lives. You are like a dragon shedding its scales, and the dragon must shed old scales so that it can grow new ones. We must have death in order to have growth, so this card actually signifies growth. This is therefore a time of growth for you or a time for you to initiate transformation and to consciously grow and transform.

8. All three of the cards that popped out of the deck for you are powerful cards, and so this is a powerful time, and you can take advantage of that. I encourage you to dig deep right now, dive down into the well, and grasp the gifts that are awaiting you down there. Pay attention to the messages from spirit, grow and wield your power with intention, and focus on cutting out what no longer serves you and stepping into your new self.


Distant Reiki Healing

  • I sent Reiki to all of your chakras. All were clear and did not to seem to have any blockages.
  • Your crown chakra was a beautiful purple with great energy.
  • At your throat chakra, there was a guide who was an ancient Zen master who studied martial arts.
  • I sent extra Reiki to open up your heart to be more receptive. This is important for accepting abundance. I saw a pink flower blooming and encouraged it to open.
  • At your sacral chakra, there was an orange ball of light, and I was called to encourage you to think of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of abundance, and to call on her with her seed sound, "Shreem."
  • Your guides asked, "What do you most enjoy in life?" and then "How much does that cost?"
  • The archangel card pulled for you is the Career Transition card that signals a career change.


Distant Reiki Healing

When I sent a distant Reiki healing to your for your overall health and wellness, this is what I noticed:

You started drawing in Reiki to your third eye and to your back body. Your whole back was taking in Reiki to sooth your nervous system. I felt your eyes being cleared and your head.

There was a very relaxing and grounding feeling moving through your whole body.

Then you were taking in a lot of Reiki at your sacrum and hip area that was moving down through your legs.

Your crown was drawing in the light of your source connection that was uplifting your energy body. I felt energy moved from your head down towards your heart. Your mind and body were being harmonized and filled with love. 


Distant Prosperity Reiki Healing

At the start of the session I scanned your aura and chakras to see how they were prior to the session. I did a clearing of your aura, I did this a few times to remove any external energy that is being stored and is ready to release and to remove any negative energy attachments. 

I called up on my angels, spirit guides and ancestors to assist me with the transmission of prosperity and divine abundance.

I first set the intentions of this session in regard to prosperity and abundance.

I start the Money Reiki with The Golden Pyramid symbol as this symbol helps in clearing deep karmic issues and I feel that this first step towards prosperity is clearing your past karmas and blocks.

Next I used the Clearing symbol which helps me in releasing any resistance which you have towards attracting money in your life and releases them and makes you more receptive towards abundance.

I use three Money Reiki symbols through this process, the last symbol being the Grand Master symbol. This symbol acts as a magnet and will assist in magnetizing abundance into your life. These symbols work on removing these blockages in your energy.

The healing session was effective, the money Reiki energy flowed through to you very smoothly. 


Distant Self-Love Reiki Healing

At the start of the session I scanned your aura and chakras to see how they were prior to the session. I did a clearing of your aura, I did this a few times to remove any external energy that is being stored and is ready to release and to remove any negative energy attachments. I used my intuition and sense of energy to determine which areas to focus on during the healing.

I focused the healing intention on self-love and to let the Reiki energy go wherever it was needed. The chakras that I worked on were your Solar Plexus and heart chakras as these are the main chakras associated with self-love and related attributes. The Solar Plexus where you experience your own sense of personal power and self-love.

The Solar Plexus chakra was the first to be cleansed, aligned and balanced then the Heart chakra. Along with the Reiki the healing power of love was being sent along side, a rose quartz crystal was used throughout the entire process to amplify the loving energy.

The healing session was effective, the reiki energy flowed through to you very smoothly and I could feel and see progress with your Solar Plexus and Heart chakra.

There was a difference in the energy of Solar Plexus and Heart chakras at the end of the session, a difference in frequency. I could feel the energetic frequencies of these chakras increase indicating that they are or in the process of balancing and the removal of any energetic blocks.

I put some focus on your aura, to help you overall with your energy, mental and spiritual wellbeing. I worked on cleansing your aura and removing any negative attachments and or energy. I also worked on providing your aura with some additional protection; I have also called upon your guides to help with the protection of your aura. 

You should soon start to feel a difference in yourself and develop a deeper love and respect for yourself and others.

Keep in mind that in some cases, underactive or over active chakras may be doing their work to assist with an imbalance in another area. This is like the chakras using a coping strategy until the root cause is healed.

Keep in mind that you are the best judge of your body and when I provide a diagnosis of the session, I am doing so through my own filters.