1. Kundalini Reiki Millennium Past

2. Abundantia's Abundance Energy Past

3. Abundantia's Arrow Past

4. Abundantia's Red Flower Past

5. Akashic Records from Archangel Michael Past

6. Amethyst Essence Past

7. Ametrine Essence Past

8. Amon Ra's Ray Past

9. Angel Palea Past

10. Aphrodite's Heart Past

11. Aphrodite's Love Light Past

12. Archangel Ariel Past

13. Archangel Ariel's Sea Star Past

14. Archangel Chamuel Past

15. Archangel Chamuel's Pink-Violet Stream Past

16. Archangel Gabriel Past

17. Archangel Gabriel's Wings Past

18. Archangel Gabriel's Rainbow Past

19. Archangel Gabriel's Star Past

20. Archangel Gabriel's White Energy Past

21. Archangel Hanael Past

22. Archangel Hanael's Protection Sphere Past

23. Archangel Jophiel Past

24. Archangel Metatron Past

25. Archangel Metatron's Shield Past

26. Archangel Michael Past

27. Archangel Michael's Sword Past

28. Archangel Michael's Lightning Past

29. Archangel Michael's Vortex Past

30. Archangel Nathaniel Past

31. Archangel Nathaniel's Crystal Past

32. Archangel Raphael Past

33. Archangel Raphael's Healing Hand Past

34. Archangel Raphael's Green Ray Past

35. Archangel Raphael's Green Sphere Past

36. Archangel Raziel Past

37. Archangel Sachiel Past

38. Archangel Sachiel's Cloud of Joy Past

39. Archangel Sachiel's Flower of Spiritual Growth Past

40. Archangel Sachiel's Golden Hexagons Past

41. Archangel Sachiel's Golden Pen of Wisdom Past

42. Archangel Sachiel's Orb Past

43. Archangel Sachiel's Pearl Past

44. Archangel Sachiel's Flower Past

45. Archangel Uriel Past

46. Archangel Uriel's Flower of Spiritual Abundance Past

47. Archangel Uriel's Yellow Ray Past

48. Archangel Zadkiel Past

49. Archangel Zadkiel's Purple Sparkles Past

50. Archangels' Pink-Green Ray Past

51. Ascended Master Abundantia Past

52. Ascended Master Moses Past

53. Astara's Gift Past

54. Azurite Essence Past

55. Blue Aragonite Essence Past

56. Blue Cloud from Archangel Michael Past

57. Blue Cocoon from Archangel Michael Past

58. Blue Ray from Archangel Michael Past

59. Blue Sea Shell Past

60. Burgundy Ray from Mother Earth Past

61. Butterfly of Palea Past

62. Carnelian Essence Past

63. Citrine Essence Past

64. Cloak of Lady Portia Past

65. Consciousness Reiki System Past

66. Copper Hexagon Essence Past

67. Crown Breeze Past

68. Crown of God Jupiter Past

69. Crown Vortex from Solar Angels Past

70. Crystal Flame of Archangel Uriel Past

71. Deep Emerald Past

72. Deep Orange Ray Past

73. Diamond Essence Past